As artists we wanted decent art supplies ourselves

We started up neither with a business plan nor capital. It all began with a personal passion for painting, and as artists we became customers in our own shop.

Prof+ started life as a frustration about many of the art supplies on offer out there, and the wish to influence the materials to give our work the desired quality.

What we like — we share with you

We are two artists, and with Prof+ we are offering you artists supplies that we are using in our own work.

Our range of products have been selected considering a few simple criteria. We do not offer you anything we would not like to use ourselves. That is why you do not find paint that has been thinned with fillers to save the cost of pigment load. You do not find varnish that does not cover and brushes that lose their bristles easily. Nor do we offer you painting medium that gives you head ache and make it hard to conserve your paintings.

In the past, we wanted to know more about the materials we bought from others only to find that it was a mystery or the declaration of ingredients were the bare minimum required by the manufacturer.

That is why we are providing a thorough description of each of our products, all considering the artits’s perspective rather than that of a manufacturerers.


It can be hard to make informed decisions about the vast supply of artist’s materials out there. Our aim is to help you make sense of it all.

— Claus Larsen