Cobalt blue dark oil colour in 60ml tube


Cobalt blue dark artist color with high pigment content, pure linseed oil and without solvents. The consistency is like butter at room temperature, and for many artists the paint can be used directly from the tube without the addition of paint.

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kobolt blå

Cobalt blue dark is an artist colour with high pigment load, pure linseed oil without any solvents. The consistency is like butter at room temperature, and many painters can use the paint stright from the tube without adding any paint medium.

Cobalt blue dark is made from the pigment (PB36) CoAl2O4.Kobalt is aluminium dioxide burnt at 1200°C. The pigment used in this colour is incredibly stable and lightfast. From before the nation China existed(Qing Dynasty), the locals used cobalt in earthenware and later in porcelain. This is because the colour is extremely durable when heated, which makes it especially valuable for ceramics. In 1777, the colour got its current name (Cobalt Blue) from a manufacturer in Britain. In France, it was also being manufactured on a larger scale. Louis Jacques Thénard experimented with the synthetic production of the pigment in 1802, and production was started in 1807.

Impressionists and post Impressionists loved cobalt blue. We know this from their correspondence – not least the post-Impressionists Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. The color is also good in many contexts, as it has some very special properties from almost covering in concentrated form, and otherwise being semi-opaque or slightly transparent. It has since become a very popular colour for glazing. Although ultramarine blue is more transparent, cobalt blue is easier to handle during glazing.

The American illustrator and painter Maxfield Parrish is e.g. known for its very vibrant blue. It was a phenomenon that people in ignorance named ‘Parrish blue’, and thought was a kind of ‘factory secret’. But the artist himself called what he used cobalt blue. For that was exactly what he patiently used in many semi-transparent layers.

This oil paint can and must be mixed with oil paints from other manufacturers. The same goes for paint. Since this is such a chemically pure and simple product without mysterious fillers, it must also be mixed with your own favorite paint, whether it is ponds and linseed oil, stand oil, black oil with litharge, Liquin ™, Oil gel ™ Maroger, lavender spikeoil, etc. Too good control over consistency and detail work, we recommend our own paint. If you use solvents to clean brushes outdoors or in a ventilated room, Gamsol ™, turpentine, Terpenoid ™ Alcohol and ethanol, etc can be used. If, on the other hand, you do not like solvents, you can use special cleansing soap or liquid brown soap for the same purpose.

Degree of lightfastness

halvt dækkende
Semi transparent

Cobalt blue dark is not toxic / toxic, but must not be eaten or otherwise ingested. The product has not been allergy-tested, but if you only use it for its intended purpose – to paint with a brush and palette knife – there is no immediate health risk.

This colour is known internationally as: Cobalt Blue Dark | Koboltblå mørk | Bleu de cobalt foncé | Blu di cobalto scuro | Kobaltblau dunkel


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