Paint varnish for oil paintings (Satin finish) in a 500ml bottle


High quality finish varnish. The resin in this varnish neither yellow nor crack as the traditional Dammar does over time. It is also gently reversible, which means that the paint can be removed or renewed in the future without the painting suffering visible damage.

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Extra fine paint varnish with a satin finish. It is made of synthetic resin with UV filter and odorless solvent. A third component is beeswax which is a chemically stable substance which easily diffuses the refraction of light to achieve the desired satin finish.

The synthetic resin is from the patented Relgarez® which was developed from a chemical recipe developed by laboratory specialists in collaboration with art conservators at the National Gallery in Washington, USA. The result was a flexible but at the same time strong film which could be a protective membrane on several paintings worthy of preservation of national and international interest.


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